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Keri West, Professional Photographer
I love the connection that develops between the clients and myself, the simple satisfaction of beautiful light, the more complex sensation of seeing raw emotion unfold before my eyes – and blending it all together inside my camera.  My favorite thing about being a Professional Wedding Photographer is all the smiling faces.  Weddings are the most precious time in a couples lives and for the families too.  It is essential that these magical moments are captured with an eye for detail and artistry.

It is my utmost desire to give my best quality work at every session and I strive to go above and beyond. Modern weddings have become more creative and fun and it is my desire to not only produce quality photos but to introduce some of the latest technology into the photo shoot and videography. I am a sentimental romantic and I have a keen eye for detail, nuances and split second sentiments.

I would love to speak to you about your special day and offer my expertise of over 20 years of experience.  Please contact me today with any questions. I am negotiable with my prices always.  No Bride and Groom should substitute professional photography for mediocre photography because of budget.  I am always here for my clients on the Treasure Coast and will always give my best, no matter the budget. 

My only question is "How may I serve you"?
We serve all faiths, all cultures and all unions. 
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